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An Investigation of Chinese-Translated Mathematical Anxiety Rating Scale in College Mathematical E-Learning

Mathematical anxiety is a common emotional problem which happens commonly in college studentsí learning process, and influences their learning performance, motivation of mathematical thinking, learning attitude, and concentration. Thus, to evaluate studentsí status of mathematical anxiety is important for instructors to understand studentsí learning situation and to improve instructional material design. However, even though several types of math anxiety scales are already well-developed in English, there is a lack of math anxiety scale for college math in Chinese. This paper aimed to translate Revised Math Anxiety Rating Scale (MARS-R) into Chinese through a careful process, and exam its construct validity, criterion-related validity, internal consistency, and stability. The Chinese MARS-R will provide instructors a useful tool to understand studentsí intrinsic learning situation. Keywords- Chinese Revised Mathematical Anxiety Rating Scale (Chinese MARS-R), college math and calculus