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Bangkok Wokring People’s Opinions On Seven Green Marine Tourism In Thailand

Since Thailand is rich with marine natural resources, so green or eco tourism has been promoting through the Tourism Authority of Thailand in recent years. Therefore, objective of this survey research is to assess working people’s opinions on Seven Green Marine Tourism in Thailand. The population of this study was working people in Bangkok’s central business district and the sample size was 400. Purposive sampling and self-administered questionnaire were used for data collection. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data analyses. Research findings show that most respondents were female (56.0%), younger than 36 years old (64.5%), work in private sector (70.8%), and with monthly income of less than 30,001 Baht/month (82.6%). They normally visited seaside 1 – 2 times per year (54.8%), travelled with their family members (51.0%) with around 3 – 5 persons in their group (53.8%), and spent around 2 days per visit (55.8%). Overall score of respondent’s opinions on 7 Green Marine Tourism was 3.99, which means they were “Agree” with this campaign. They were “Strongly agree” on Green community dimension, while the other six dimensions were at “Agree” level. Keywords- Green marine tourism, Working people’s opinions, Thailand.