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Predictive Academic Regulation And Emotion On Academic Resiliency Among Selected Cnu Scholars

This study assessed the resiliency of CNU scholars particularly the BSED and BA Filipino majors to determine if they can be resilient thereby survive in different situations in their lives. Specifically, the study examined the levels of academic regulation and emotion and their relationship with academic resiliency among BSED and BA Filipino major students. Further, the study assumed that the higher positive academic emotion and self regulation the higher the academic resiliency acquired by the student. Multi-regression is also used in order to determine the scale of the variables. This study aims to test the theory showing academic resiliency. It is supported by broaden and build theory of B.L. Fredrickson. The result of the study shows that there is a significant relationship between academic emotions and academic resilience. Academic emotion can predict academic resilience that sustains the level of achievement and performance despite the challenges in academic setting and it is very evident that higher academic resiliency helps them to survive in the level of different situation and it resulted to become an academic self-regulated student. Keywords- strength, scholars, assessment, resilience,