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Developing Customer Experience Model To Increase Emotional Brand

Measuring the customer experience is considered difficult because the extremely high level of subyektivitasnya. Concerning the personality of a person, which is very difficult and the individual is affected. For it requires the appropriate model so that the results are not being biased. The stimulating dynamics of the academic circles to develop research on the development of the concept of Customer Experience. Therefore be at issue is what the concept or theory of the customer experience, and the extent to which the development of the concept and model in shaping customer experience in literature since the 2009 period up to 2013. The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of Customer Experience at both companies manufacture or services, as well as provide ongoing attention at each research programme are recommended. Term paper writing method used is the study of the literature on the concept of scientific journals, case studies, and research results related to Customer Experience theory developed by experts from a variety of literature (journal). Implications of papers is expected to further develop the model measuring customer experience so that it can be found a concept or theory that fit, for any problem concerning increase business customer experience measurement and customer experience. a conceptual model of marketing focus developed is a model strategy for the market (market strategy) by focusing on the customer experience analysis entitled customer experience Model (Theory of Customer Experience). With the expected development of the emerging thinking from the researches and the concept and model about ROMI more comprehensive so useful for academics and companies. Keywords: Customer Experience and Emotional Brand.