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Preparation And Characterization Of LDPE/CNT

LDPE/CNT composite with 10 wt% CNT content was analyzed under SEM and TEM which resulted uniform CNT dispersion in LDPE matrix.Electrical tests showed enhanced conductivity achievedfor LDPE/CNT composites with CNT addition and frequency raise. DC of composites increased with increasing CNT content up to 3 wt%. Young's modulus and tensile strengthof composites augmented by 96% and 60, when nanotube addition reached 10 wt%. DSC of LDPE/CNT composites improved in crystalline contents compared with pure LDPE resulted into enhanced LDPE/CNT composites thermal stability and hardness. LDPE thermal decomposition was shifted by 87�C on addition of 10 wt% CNT. Keywords� Low Density Polyethylene; Carbon Nanotube; Nanocomposites.