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The Antimicrobial Effectiveness Of The Mixed Extractions Of Allium Sativum And Syzgium Aromaticum Against Pathogenic Microbes Triggering Inflammation In Asthma And Sinusitis Patients

Ethanol extraction of Allium sativum and Syzgiumaromaticum were tested to evaluate their antimicrobial activities, as well as, the potential of use of both of them at different ratios, against inflammation triggering pathogens isolated from asthma and sinusitis patients. The extract of each plant has prepared, whereas the mixed extractions prepared respectively based on the ratio of 1:1, 1:2, and 2:1, prior to perform the antimicrobial tests against isolated microorganisms. The antimicrobial survival test showed that both extracts have significant effectiveness against all microbial isolates, whereas, the effectiveness of using mixed extractions was slightly lower compared to the use of a single extract. This study found no signs of improvement or enhancement on the antimicrobial effectiveness of the mixed extractions of both Allium sativum and Syzgiumaromaticum compared to the effectiveness of each extract alone against the tested microbial species. Keywords´┐Ż Allium sativum, Syzgiumaromaticum, Antimicrobial Inhibition, Asthma, Sinusitis.