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The Anti-Hyperglycemic Effects Of Phaleriamacrocarpa Leaves Extract On Streptozotocin�Induced Diabetic Rats

The antidiabetogenic effect of Phaleriamacrocarpa leaves methanol extract on STZ-induced diabetic rats has been investigated. Diabetic rats were orally force-fed daily with the extract (500 mg/kg bw) for 14 days. The reductions in blood glucose levels determined by evaluating levels of RBG, FBG, IPGTT, as well as, total body weight, along with the period of extract treatment. Reduction in blood glucose levels have indicated significantly in treated rats (9.83�4.98 mmol/L) compared to non-treated (21.05�1.78 mmol/L). Diabetic animals treated with the extract showed highly significant increased pattern of weight gain (253.73�5.54 g), this pattern also observed in non-diabetic group treated with the extract (253.80�5.30 g), compared to diabetic non-treated (239.30�6.11 g) and non-diabetic control (235.94�6.32 g). The extract did not cause any acute toxicity or allergic reactions. Qualitative phytochemical analysis of the extract showed the presence of alkaloid, saponin, flavonoid, tannins, reducing sugar, terpenoids, cardiac glycosides, and phenolic, which can account for the observed antihyperglycemic activity. Results indicated that this extract can be used with safety to improve glucose tolerance in glucose-impaired cases, and suggest that this extract may serve as a candidate for developing safe, complaisance, and promising nutraceutical product for the management of diabetes. Keywords� Phaleriamacrocarpa, Leaves Extract, Diabetes Mellitus, Anti-hyperglycemia.