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Abstract - Kuwait has undertaken one of the largest environmental soil remediation programs in the world – Kuwait Environmental Remediation Program (KERP). Several large projects have been identified & managed under this program, within theUnited Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) claims. TheUNCC, Kuwait National Focal Point (KNFP) and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) cooperated in a joint project to undertake comprehensive and collaborative efforts to remediate contaminated land (i.e.26 Million m3 of contaminated soil) under KERP. To manage such niche projects requires a high level ofexpertise with organizations and a thorough body of very specific, technical knowledge. Moreover, it is not beneficial to the Company to develop a set up internally to manage the projects sincethose are not permanent and once the project is implemented, the set up would be rendered obsolete. This prompted KOC to look for a Project Management Consultants(PMC) externally to manage the KERP projects and implement it to the high standards and satisfaction of both the Company, and its stakeholders.The success of the KERP projects depends on the skill and efficiency of selecting the appropriate PMC, and managing the consultant in an effective and safe manner. Working hand in hand with an efficient PMC through a course of action in which all project risks related to the remediation processes {Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Site Soil Characterization (SSC) site investigations, remediation methodology / technologyselection, execution, and completion} are holistically addressed, in order to maximize the certainty in the cleanup process to achieve the project objectives. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the ways and methods employed by KOC toeffectively select and manage PMC, bearing in mind the company’s needs and magnitude of KERP projects. The article would also illustrate the typical determinants,Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) to monitor the effective performance of PMCs for successful implementation of the Soil Remediation projects in terms of meeting the specification requirements, cost and time. In addition, it will summarize risk identification, analysis and scientific mitigation for the successful management of PMC. Keywords - KERP, UNCC, KNFP, UXO, SSC, Remediation