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Foreign Language Research: Initial Teacher Training And Reflection on Learning/ Teaching Processes

The research project reported in this current paper focuses on the nature of pre-service teacher training and our main aim is to demonstrate the validity of Critical Reflexive Practice (CRP) as a means for ESL teacher trainees to become better and more efficient professionals. We have conducted a study with a group of students in 2003 during their teacher training in TESOL by the Trinity College of London, where compulsory part of the course was an Unknown Language Experience consisting of series of lessons in an unknown language. After the experience students had to answer some questions and write a diary. Eleven/ twelve years later we have asked them the very same questions and found out that using only the target language has helped them to understand the lessons and that they have learn much more than they have expected. Keywords´┐Ż CRP, ESL, ULE,TESOL, Pre- service Teacher Training.