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Location Detection And Tracking Model Using The Global Positioning System And Global Message Service: A Pilot Study

Awareness of social affairs concerning locating missing person been trending news all over the country, hence location detection services is in dire needs. With the extensive use of mobile smartphones technology, a study on development of a customized location detection device and a mobile smartphones was conducted. In this study a physical computing platform called Arduino is customized. This paper, further explain the development and investigate the possibility of developing the proposed model. To further assist this study, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology was adopted. The GPS and GSM feature were utilized to assist in determining the exact location of the senders’ device and allows a custom messages and audio data to be recorded and sent between these devices. The prototype model developed and evaluated then the result is discussed. The result validates the success of the prototype model of detection device and its connection to a smartphone through a distance. A further enhancement of this service shall be proposed as there are several areas may require further improvements for potential product commercialization. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.4 [Computers and Society]: Human Safety, Community service General Terms Location-based, Model, Prototype, Human Tracking and Detection, Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System For Mobile (GSM) Keywords- Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile (GSM), Human tracking and detection,