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Abstract - Confidence is considered a power of a good speaker and it also can be taken as a tool for speaking. The paper entitled ‘Developing Speaking Confidence of Students through Communicative Activities’ has been written with the purpose of developing speaking confident of the students of Seventh grade of our context in mind. The research is designed under the interpretive paradigm of action research. During my research, thirteen students from class seven were chosen for the study. I saw a lot of improvement in their confidence while communicating among other speakers by the end of eighth week. Though there is positive result of the invention but some students still did not develop their level of confidence that could have developed to get satisfactory response. Therefore, the outcome of my action research is positive because students are eager and interested to speak daily in the initiation of their English class and they have improved in their speaking. Keywords - Confidence, Speaking Skills, Action Research, Reflection with Feedback and Observation, and Finally Endeavour.