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The Impact Of Entrepreneurs� Commitment, Creativity And Innovativeness Toward Competitive Advantage And It�s Implication To Sustainable Competitiveness Of Women Cooperatives In West Java

Women entrepreneurs are the rising stars of the economies and every day more and more women are starting new businesses. Whether micro, medium-sized or large scale, motivated by pure survival or for self-fulfillment, women entrepreneurs are realizing ideas, generating income and creating employment opportunities for themselves and others. In fact, women entrepreneurs have been designated as the new engines for growth to bring prosperity and welfare. However the growing number of women entrepreneurs and a significant increase of policies and resources available for support and promotion, women still own and manage fewer businesses than men and earn less money. Why is that? Are women less entrepreneurial? Are they less skilled, less talented than men? The reason is that there is a gender dimension to entrepreneurship. This research studies different opportunities and boundaries to institutionalized gender business (Women�s Cooperatives) in different cities in West Java. Furthermore, we will explore how commitment, creativity and innovativeness influences competitive advantage and sustainable competitiveness of Women�s Cooperatives in West Java, Indonesia. Lastly, we will explore and discuss the effects and impact of the policies and practices that are applied in Indonesia to promote women�s Cooperatives entrepreneurship and learning more about economic development from a gender perspective. Keywords- Entrepreneur, Creativity, Innovativeness, Competitive Advantage, Competitiveness.