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Abstract - To provide innovative consumer AI products that can satisfy the newly-developed interests of consumers, firms must perform a comprehensive new product development (NPD) process that can fulfill the demands on human-machine interaction, quality, performance, innovativeness, and cost, etc. A NPD model is constructed for facilitating the development of a consumer AI product. The AI applications, such as speech recognition, pattern recognition, automation, computer vision, virtual reality, diagnosis, image processing and intelligent agent, that can be beneficial to consumers are considered. Other customer attributes (CAs) and engineering characteristics (ECs) in the house of quality (HOQ) can be generated too. A quality function deployment (QFD) model integrated with fuzzy analytic network process (FANP) is constructed to facilitate the NPD process of the AI product. Since people are not willing and capable to handle comparisons properly when there are too many factors, fuzzy Delphi method (FDM) is used to limit the number of factors included in the model. Fuzzy decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (Fuzzy DEMATEL) is used to analyze the relationship among the factors. The importance weights of theECs are generated through FANP, and a fuzzy failure mode and effects analysis (fuzzy FMEA) is adopted. Mathematical programming models can also be applied to consider additional goals. Keywords - Artificial intelligence (AI); Consumer AI; New product development (NPD); Quality function deployment (QFD); Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)