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Abstract - According to the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (2022), Thailand has entered aged society, with the elders accounting for 20% of the country's population. Along with Real Estate Information Center (REIC) (2021) shows that a number of urban residential units were increasing about 10% from 2020 to 2021. The Bangkok urban housing projects are multi-generation projects (The Secret Sauce podcast, 2022). From the study’s observation, most of elders, who spend entire day in gated communities, lack of areas for supporting their activities because the developers focus on the buyers’ needs who are younger generations. However, the initial interviews with elders found that they require supporting physical and social activity spaces or services. Thus, the community clubhouse, which is a common space or a community facility, has a potential to support their requirements. The study investigates the roles of the gated community clubhouse for supporting social and wellbeing of aged society. This study conducts questionnaires, in-depth interview, and co-creation to propose suitable solutions responding to their needs of activities, services or spaces. The results found that there should be changes in the gate community’s clubhouse to accommodate the elder’s physical and social activities such as a multipurpose space for first aid training, exercise areas, group donation, and etc.; for services, a small grocery area should be provided for social interaction and daily products; for management, the community committee should include elders in the team so they can be group representative. Keywords - Aged society / Elder / Gated community / Clubhouse / Physical Well-being / Social Well-being / Urban