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Abstract - Shark Tank is a popular reality TV show that originated in the United States and features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors, also known as "sharks," in the hope of securing investment for their ventures. Shark Tank India is based on the concept of the original "Shark Tank" show, but tailored for the Indian market. This show has the potential to influence students’ entrepreneurial mindset in India, as it provides a platform for showcasing ideas, learning from experienced investors, and gaining exposure to funding and investment opportunities. By fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit among students, Shark Tank India can contribute to the growth and development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. The aim of this study is to examine the influence of the Shark Tank TV show on the entrepreneurial mindset and intention to start a business among university students. Data was collected from a sample of 104 students through a structured questionnaire during the month of March 2023. The students were approached to participate in the survey, which assessed their engagement with the Shark Tank (India) show, their entrepreneurial mindset, and their intention to start a business after the study is completed.The College Students’ Entrepreneurial Mindset Scale (CS-EMS), a validated scale, was used to assess the entrepreneurial mindset of college students. It comprises five sub-dimensions: innovativeness, need for achievement, risk taking, autonomy, and pro-activeness. The survey items were rated on a five-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 for "highly disagree" to 5 for "highly agree." Respondents were categorized into two groups - high and low - based on their level of involvement in Shark Tank TV Show. Data were analyzed using appropriate statistical tests like independent sample t-test, correlation and regression analysis. The results revealed significant differences in entrepreneurial mindset and intention to start their own business between students with high involvement and low involvement in the Shark Tank TV show. Additionally, a positive and significant correlation was observed between involvement in the Shark Tank TV show, entrepreneurial mindset, and intention to start their own business. The findings of the study indicate that the Shark Tank TV show has a positive influence on entrepreneurial mindset and intention to start one's own business. As a result, universities can utilize the principles of inspiration, practical learning, mentorship, networking, and access to resources from Shark Tank to establish a supportive and empowering environment that fosters entrepreneurial aspirations among their students. Keywords - Shark Tank India Show, Entrepreneurial Mindset, University Students, Practical Learning, Networking.