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Image Analysis Method From Matlab Computation For Estimation Of Brachial Artery (BA) Diameter With Response To Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD) Technique

Brachial artery Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD) is a measure of endothelial dysfunction to evaluate cardiovascular risk. MATLAB software is used to analyze for the trend of change for diameter of the brachial artery (BA) during baseline (normal relax) condition and flow mediated dilation (FMD) response. Data and image (using ultrasonography technique) of BA diameter are taken from three healthy subjects. Results of the analysis reveal that after the release of blood flow blockage the trend for BA diameter change is rapid increase followed by gradual decrease due to FMD reactive response. The trend of BA diameter change as measured by the sonographer is more variable and the pattern of reactive hyperaemia response is less obvious when compared to the results from MATLAB computation. This shows that computation method (using MATLAB algorithm) produces more smooth BA diameter change and obvious reactive response when compared to the measurement by the sonographer indicating that MATLAB computation produces better accuracy than manual estimation by the sonographer. The main objective to employ and experience the learning process of performing essential image processing has been achieved Key words- Flow Mediated Dilation Ultrasonography MATLAb algorithm Sonographer Hyperaemia.