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The Value Of Flood Control Infrastructures In Urban Environment By Empowering The Capacity Of Local Conditions

Effective and efficient solutions are the two value parameters should be considered in relation to the problem solving of urban floods. This paper is concerned with the situation of flood controls in developing countries using the case of Bandung floods in Indonesia. There are many aspects should be considered associating with the complexity of urban conditions as well as any constrains related. The aim of this research is an investigation to achieve the best value solution adjusting the characteristic of local conditions. This also considers a participation of people driven by a statement that the flood should not only be borne by some communities suffer from the floods, however, this becomes the responsibilty of people in the city. Therefore this research uses value engineering approach which attempts to solve the problem by generating and evaluating infrastructure models in order to achieve the expected value solution. The result shows that there are three functions of flood controls may solve the problem namely infiltration, reservoir and flow control infrastructures. Keywords´┐Ż Flood Control, Infrastructure, Urban Area, Value Engineering.