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Abstract - The paper aims to assess the landscape architecture profession in Nigeria, focusing on the concerns, challenges, and possible paths forward for the industry. Landscape architecture is a critical profession that plays a crucial part in forming the built environment while enriching the quality of life for the built environment. It is a profession that plays a vital function in shaping the built environment. However, landscape architecture in Nigeria faces several obstacles, one of which can potentially affect the field's day-to-day work and overall efficacy. The profession of landscape architecture in Nigeria has been met with various obstacles, such as a need for recognition, insufficient funding, and an absence of opportunities for professional growth. The profession's growth and development have been hampered due to these issues, which has led to a lack of representation and influence within the planning and development sectors. In order to carry out this research, a variety of approaches were explored, including conducting a review of existing literature, conducting interviews using the snowballing technique with available registered landscape architects, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders, and randomising the distribution of structured questionnaires to 150 respondents in two government estates in Akure that were purposefully selected for the study. The study's findings revealed insightful information regarding the existing state of landscape architecture in Nigeria and potential areas for advancement. The study also found that it is possible to design a policy direction that tackles the issues faced by profession and helps support the growth of landscape architecture in Nigeria. In addition, it provides evidence for the contention that landscape architecture may continue to make a substantial contribution to the expansion of the built environment and the improvement of the standard of living in Nigeria. Keywords - Built Environment, Challenges, Landscape Architecture, Nigeria, Profession