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Abstract - Chat GPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is one of the latest technologies in modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) and probably the technology with the highest impact in this area for the near future. The latest version of ChatGPT – GPT-4 has improvements in several areas, and one of them is Predictive Analytics. The latest ChatGPT-4 can generate very accurate predictions based on collected historical data. Generative AI and Ghat GPT can be used in different areas to generate human-like content easily and in different business domains in the modern industry, like the manufacturing and construction industries. This research gives an overview of the application of Generative AI and particularly ChatGPT for predictive analytics in different areas with a focus on the construction and building industry. This study covers different areas of implementation of ChatGPT in the building industry with a focus on Construction: - Monitoring and predictive maintenance - Labor Safety - Automation of Business Processes - Post-Construction Management Additionally, this article describes the framework, based on ChatGPT, used for Predictive Analytics in a completely new way compared to already existing methodologies to solve similar cases. Research results include a comparison between existing from the past methodologies for predictive analytics and the new concept based on Generative AI and Cognitive Digital Twins (CDT). The paper includes recommendations about high-level design and reference architecture for solutions for predictive analytics using ChatGPT-4, CDT, based on Microsoft products (Microsoft Azure, Cognitive Services, Power Platform, Azure Digital Twins), etc. The research used prototypes based on Microsoft Power Platform (Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate), Open AI, and Azure Digital Twins, which can offer predictive analytics in the construction industry.The article includes results, providing information about cost savings and time reduction when using Generative AI for predictive analytics in the construction industry and manufacturing. Keywords - Generative Ai, Ai, Artificial Intelligence, Chatgpt, Ml, Machine Learning, Digital Twin, Iot, Industry 4.0, Microsoft Azure, Azure Iot Stack, Predictive Analytics