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The Effects of Osteoporosis Prevention Training on Physical Activity of Women Aged Over 40 Years

Osteoporosis is the most common metabolic bone disease which is currently recognized as a Public health Problem. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of educational osteoporosis prevention program on physical activity of women aged over 40 years. This quasi-experimental study used non-randomized convenient sampling method to select 67 women. The training program was carried out using pamphlets and posters, and also via answering participants’ questions. The data was collected using a questionnaire which was completed before and a month after the intervention. There was a significant and positive relation between knowledge and education (P=0.00, r=0.543). There was also a significant and negative relation between education and physical activity (P=0.05, r=0.379). Administration of training program via training posters and pamphlets had a positive effect on raising people’s knowledge and promoting osteoporosis preventive behaviors (Physical activity). Keywords: Osteoporosis, Training, Physical Activity, Women.