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Estimation of the Two Parameters of Weighted Exponential Distribution Using Ranked Set Sampling

Gubta and Kundu (2009) introduced weighted exponential distribution (WED) with two parameters. They investigated in details the theory of this distribution. In this recent study, ranked set sampling (RSS) is considered to estimate the two parameters of WED. The obtained estimators are then compared to those from simple random sampling (SRS). It is found that the maximum likelihood estimators (MLE) of the parameters using RSS are not in a closed form, so computer simulation was used to illustrate the mathematical findings. The information number was investigated and compared to the corresponding one based on SRS. The simulation results showed that RSS is more efficient than SRS to estimate the parameters of WED. Keywords´┐Ż Weighted Exponential Distribution, Ranked Set Sampling, Maximum Likelihood Estimator, Simple Random Sampling, And Fisher Information Number.