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Relationships Between The Nondissipative Diamagnetic Currents in the Microscopic Sized Atoms And Molecules And The Superconductivity in the Macroscopic Sized Solids

We theoretically elucidate that the nondissipative diamagnetic currents in the microscopic sized atoms and molecules can be considered as superconductivity. We also suggest the guiding principle towards the syntheses of high temperature superconductivity. We can expect that any material with large EHOMO-LUMO,N value (more than a few eV) in which valence bands are completely occupied by electrons, which has been believed to be typical insulator in view of solid state physics and chemistry, has a possibility to exhibit high temperature superconductivity (Tc ≈ 104~105 K) in solids. Keywords- Bose–Einstein Condensation; Macro Superconductivity; Micro Nondissipative Diamagnetic Currents; Room Temperature Superconductivity.