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Acoustic Design: Audio Museum

Our research is based on the premise that soundscape is a complex sounding system that is changed by the development of society, shaping our understanding of the location and space. Using soundscape as the concept we present a joint paper that involves humanistic and technical sciences, such as ethno-musicological and electro-acoustical approaches to the sound design of the Audio Museum, created as part of the “Ronjgi Interpretative Centre” Project in Viškovo. The idea here is the acoustic design of the exhibition space in the function of presenting cultural heritage, namely, the traditional music of the North Croatian Littoral area. In this paper we present the preliminary concept of the Audio Museum, which involved the making of the integral design with the purpose of achieving a new aural and semantic experience of the space, analyzed on the example of four multimedia installations. Keywords- Soundscape, Audio Museum, Multimedia Installation, Acoustic Design.