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Adaptation of Semantic Emotional Word�s Scrutiny Towards Product Development: Spectacles

This study highlights the adaptation of SD Emotional Word in the integrative framework of the product development (Syaifoelida et al., 2014). Kansei Engineering (KE) used is related to emotional needs of consumers towards a product. Through the survey conducted using the questionnaires developed 5 Kansei Words (i.e. Boring-Attractive (B/A), Common-Unique(C/U), Lame-Cool (L/C), Classic-Modern(C/M), Fragile-Robust (F/R), and the preference scale (between Dislike to Strongly Like), we use the design of spectacle product as a case study to justify the part of development in the integration framework proposed. The survey is distributed to 1000 students in higher education public institutions in Melaka, Malaysia. In this study, by the mathematical decision approach, AHP, there are correlation existed between the customer emotional word and the design selected. Index Terms� Kansei Words, Customer satisfaction, Product Developmet, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Emotional feeling.