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Effect of Thermo Mechanical Treatment on Microstructure and Texture in Aluminum Alloy Aa3004 Sheets

AA3004 alloy is widely used in can making. The major concern in the production of can bodies is earing, which develop by high planar anisotropy of rolled sheet. Balance of recrystallisation and rolling textures together with a uniform and fine grain microstructure can minimize the earing. The effects of finish rolling temperature (FRT) on planar anisotropy, microstructure, texture development and mechanical properties of sheet have been analyzed. Increasing the FRT resulted in promotion of cube and G texture in hot rolled sheet. Lower |ΔR| of the final sheet with higher FRT, i.e. the lower planar anisotropy, is accompained with a balance of rolling and recrystallisation orientations. Keywords- Finish Rolling Temperature � Rolling Texture � Recrystallisation Texture � Planar Anisotropy - Transition Bands � Earing