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Performance Study of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Process in Burr Removal of Drilled Holes in Ohns Steel

This research paper is all about burrs removal through Electric Discharge Machining process (EDM), which is useful for finishing the materials with very high precision. This is one of the latest process, which are called as Advanced Finishing Processes. In this research, the drilling operation was done on the specimen to obtain burrs and comparative study was done with different parameters and different electrodes for deburring effectively through EDM. The variable parameters were discharge current, pulse time on and pulse time off and other parameters were remained constant. Material removal rate, tool wear rate and burr height were studied as output parameters to analyze the performance of the combination of the input parameters for burr removal. Optimal levels of the parameters for deburring on OHNS with copper electrodes and brass electrodes were obtained respectively. Grey relational analysis was used to find out the optimal levels of the parameters with copper and brass electrodes respectively. Keywords´┐Ż EDM, OHNS, Burrs, Deburring, Burr Height, Material Removal Rate, Tool Wear Rate, GRA