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Optimization Based Rate Control In Wireless Network On Chip (WINOC)

with increasing the number of cores in the network on chip infrastructure, high latency and power consumption are emerged due to multi-hop communication between two distant cores. As a result, wireless NoC (WiNoC) architectures, have been recently proposed. In the WiNoC, wireless links have higher bandwidth, less delay and higher flexibility rather than those in wire links in the NoC. In this paper, the rate control problem in the WiNoC has investigated using nonlinear optimization theory and can be written as a utility-based optimization problem. Each core is associated with a utility which defined as a function of its rate. The aim of this study is to maximize the aggregate utility of all cores in the WiNoC, subject to capacity constraints of links. Finally, this primal problem is converted to its dual problem and solved based on the gradient projection method. A synchronous iterative algorithm is proposed to control the rate of cores and can be implemented by a centralized controller with low overhead. Keywords- Wireless Network On Chip; Rate Control; Utility Based Optimization; Congestion Control.