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Point Of Single Contact - The Key To Obtain Cross-Country Interoperability Of Medical Data

Electronic communication of clinical data between various healthcare providers existing in different countries seems crucial for a cost-effective patient treatment in nowadays when mobility is the most important aspect of our lives, when there are no barriers between countries. In order to meet the growing need for improved data communications, it is necessary to overcome the barriers of methodology, software heterogeneity and security of medical data in cross-institutional shared care communication. This paper analysis how interoperability of medical data, cross-countries in EU, may be achieved using the most important government project existing in all European countries: Point of Single Contact (PSC). We will take in consideration only medical data provided by public providers of medical services, they could be easily connected to PSC. Hospital information system must generate the same template of documents in order to generate the same documents in all medical fields (ex. Cardiology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, etc.) and this is the point of the beginning of achieving interoperability of medical data. The other very important issue of managing the medical records is how we store a huge amount of information, Cloud Computing being the easiest way for solving this problem. Keywords- Interoperability of medical records, Cloud Computing, PSC, HL7 /CDA, PKI