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Abstract - The aim of this study is to point out the effectiveness of strategic marketing management in corporate success. It discusses marketing approaches, use to preserve keep clients and to upsurge the amount of new clients, to expand the business impact on the corporate effectiveness in marketing approaches, to clarify the significance of branding in marketing policies and to clarify the impact of it in marketing presentation. The method is regular review articles, which is based upon consequential bases of statistics from diverse inquire in journals and unpublished texts, Google Scholar, Research Gate and books. As the result of the study: progressive client involvements has an outstanding involvement of marketing approaches use to keep existing clients and increase new clients, pricing, overall financial state, rivals marketing policies, supply structure, and the probable life cycle period are the business impact on the business productivity in marketing approaches. There are permanently new concepts to derive. The component of marketing approaches where contains in four Ps which includes product, price, place and promotion. In addition to the four Ps, additional three Ps exists which contains physical evidence, process and people. This component of marketing has an association with corporate success. Market conditions and state of affairs are relevant to creating upcoming trades, market share, and cost-effectiveness, making original approaches for the business. By respecting client, branding vision of the corporate, obstacles of organization and component of marketing, intentional marketing supervision is simply to make the most of business success. Keywords - Strategic Marketing Management, Marketing Strategies, Business Approaches, Cost-Effectiveness