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Information System Integration: A Technique For Legacy System Re-Engineering

Many organizations are still faced with the problems of converting applications written in legacy compilers such as COBOL, PASCAL ANS FORTRAN etc. into internet compliant applications. This has become necessary because most internet-based applications are written in C++, Java and Ms.Net. The objective of this paper is to show how information system integration can aid in the forward engineering of legacy system. Software re-engineering covers the examination and alteration of legacy system in order to rebuild it according to modem software engineering methods and technologies in a forward engineering process. Information system integration provides a means for both understanding and capturing about the application and its domain and re-developing the system based on change requirement. Information system integration helps to rebuild any legacy by adopting modern software engineering principles, methods and technologies, which allows systems to architecture engineers over the years have devises many modernization techniques. This paper evaluates the use of information system integration as a veritable technique for transformation of legacy system. Keywords- COBOL, PASCAL, FORTRANS, C++, Java Ms.Net etc.