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Abstract - The study builds on the notion that increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of project management has a sig-nificant and positive impact on the behavioral intention to use digital technologies and their actual use, leading to easier adoption. We, therefore, perform a bibliometric analysis to investigate digital transformation in project management, linking such examples in the literature to efficiency and effectiveness. Several studies have already proven the positive impact of digital transformation, yet there are scarce literature reviews that cover the topic more broadly and provide an overview of future directions or grouping and development of methodological approaches. The paper is based on 431 articles indexed in Web of Science, which simultaneously deal with project management and digitalization/digitization and refer to efficiency and effectiveness as key terms in their titles, abstracts, and keywords. Ad-dressing the topic, several analyses have been performed such as co-word analysis, top authors and journals publishing on the topic, evolution mapping of the literature, thematic mapping, and contextual analysis. The contribution of the study is a comprehensive picture of the digital evolution and progress of this management activity over time and a summary of the main trends of its digital transformation. Both researchers and practitioners can apply the insights of this study in transforming obsolete management practices. Keywords - Project Management, Digitalization, Technology Management, Digital Transformation.