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The Justifications, Regulations And Forms Of Government Intervention In Criminal Policy

Criminal policy is a completely scientific meta discourse being considered a part of the archive of nations thinking data and it is one of the main principles of government and real identity of the past and present culture of the people and it showed their worldview toward the life with comfort in respect for the others rights, comprehensive order and security and less confronted society with crime. For the foundation of the fundamental structures of criminal policy, recognition of social system structure and clarification of the involvement of the government and sovereign board informal sectors and people is a comprehensive necessity involved for the destiny of various strategies of the public policy. The current study aimed to clarify the role and scope of government intervention in criminal policy namely from the view of interaction with civil society. At first, by a brief review of the conceptual scope of criminal policy, the theoretical and scientific basis of this organization is clarified in a space that can welcome the government intervention and then the different forms of intervention of the governments in criminal policy are explained. Keywords: Government; Civil society; Formal and Informal control; Criminal policy; Criminal phenomenon