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Abstract - This qualitative research article aims to study the communication of Chanthaburi local food identity in the context of tourism by means of document analysis and in-depth interview.There were 47 key informants, including local community groups, entrepreneurs, restaurants, government organizations, educational institutions and tourists.The study was used to analyze the data through Pierre Budier's concept of identity and capital concept. The results showed that insiders and outsiders had a perception of food that is a consistent local identity of Chanthaburi, such as chamuang pork curry, stir-fried noodles with crab,Moo Liang noodles, boiled chicken with cardamom, salt and chili seasoned rice, Sala Loi Kaew, Mulva Nut Juice,Crab Egg Chili Paste,Steamed rice topped with chicken and chili paste,Patongo with sauce,Mapeet Juice and seafood.As for the communication of Chanthaburi's local food identity in the context of tourism, there were 9main dimensions of communication as follows: Communicate identity through raw material costs. Communicate identity through cooking process. Communicate identity through unique flavors. Communicate identity through lifestyle and ethnicity. Communicate identity through the strange or endangered.Communicate an identity that is the same as anywhere else but something different. Communicate identity through being the kitchen of the eastern region. Communicate identity through safe food town and communicate identity through herb food town. Under such identity is an expression of intimacy with the people and the locality, expressed through food culture that is linked to the way of life of the local people. The available capital has been accumulated into a tourism product that is its own identity. Keywords - Local Food, Identity Communication, Cultural Identity