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Analytical Comparison of Different Types of EV on the Basis of Driving Cycle: Indian EV Scenario

Abstract - Economically, non-renewable energy consumption has been a major issue in the transportation sector in recent years. That’s why recent technology is shifting towards Electric vehicles (EV) which has high energy-efficiency and uses battery. EVs nowadays is one of the most effective tools to reduce the fossil fuel demands and pollution. And they are paving path of future in all the countries where EVs will be overtaking general road transportation. Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) market is also expandingrapidly. As EV penetration grows, the demand of EV to be efficient will increase, indicating a potential reshaping of battery, motor generator and model. This study compares different typesof EV used in a large town or cities which is highly populated. The EV load is estimated using light duty vehicles usagepattern based on a driving cycleof a highly dense area. The drivingcan becategorized into trip frequency, trip purpose, distance driven, triptime and duration of travel. In any car’s performance, acceleration and deceleration are the very most important parameters to checkits performance analysis. As, Battery storage, capacity and its losses cause problems related to the running distance per charging, the charging time, and so on. A simulation analysis is needed for analyzing the running state of all EV with different speed levels, acceleration and deceleration time. To obtain an economical operation, longer battery operation and good mileage, a simulation model to comparefew EV’srunning on Indian road is used to determine the EV performance. Comparison of EVs, analyzing their power losses, from a practical situation where car is accelerating and decelerating on practical road with steep braking, is important in order to find out the economic performance of all car. This paper analyzes simulation results, to obtain the performance of all the EVsin a fixed operating condition and compare them. It is shown that with the quantification of these parameters, depending on the type of the EVs, we can test EV model in a simulation environment. Performance of all EV can be analyzed for a similar driving condition. Keywords - EV Speed; Power Losses Comparison; Input Power; Acceleration, Deceleration