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The Survey of Grammatical Error in English Writing Essay of the Secondary Level Student, Matthayom 2: A Case Study of Woranaree Chalerm School , Songkhla , Thailand

Long times ago, English is the language that was taught in Thailand. However, there are a lot of students who used English incorrectly such as listening, speaking , reading ,and writing. Moreover, the grammatical error is also the students’ problem and it can be the effect to other skills. For this reason, the researcher would like to study the students’ grammatical error. The researcher investigated from the students’ essay that were assigned in class. The objective of this research is to investigate type of grammatical error in English essay in the secondary level student, matthayom2 by using Surface Strategy Taxonomy by Dulay ,Burt and Krashen, and to analyze the grammatical error in English essay by using Corder’s error analysis framework to design the new teaching strategy to solve this problem, and to find the frequency type of grammatical error in English essay. The research showed that the researcher categorized the grammatical error into 4 types by using Surface Taxonomy of Dulay, Burt and Krashen such as omission, addition, mis-formation, and mis-ordering. The researcher collected the data from 27 students’ essays. The result showed that, there are 124 errors from 216 sentences. The most type of error is omission. There are 59 errors and the percentage is 47.58%. The second type of error is mis-formation, there are 54 errors and the percentage of it is 42.42%. Next, the third type of error is addition, there are 10 errors, the percentage is 9.1%. The final type of error is mis-ordering, there is 1 error and the percentage is 0.9%. From the 4 mains errors, the researcher found 23 points that related to the writing skill. The most frequency point is “writing sentences by incorrect format”. The students made it 20 times from 124 times, the percentage is 16.12%. From the result of this study showed that the students lack of the correct grammatical knowledge about sentence structure. Therefor, this research is able to be the guideline for teacher to improve the teaching strategy. Keyword - Grammatical Error, Error of English Writing, English Writing Essay