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Visual Art and Arts Therapy for Healing in Hospital Environments

Studies have revealed positive evidence of the use of art therapy programs and visual art works to facilitate the healing process of patients and staff in healthcare facilities. These researches have highlighted a strong link between the content of the images and their impact on the reactions of patients to pain, stress and anxiety. In this regard, hospitals are choosing artworks based on the positive evidences recorded. As a result of the contribution art has, in the provision of a better healing environment for patients, staffs and service users, this article is a literature review that highlights the results of various researches on cancer patients and a pilot study, which explores the effective use of visual arts and art therapy programs in healthcare facilities. The objective is to create a foundation for further investigations into the subject of healing with visual art and other art therapy programs in health care. Furthermore, a pilot study was conducted at the Near East hospital to evaluate the visual arts used within the hospital interior. Keywords´┐Ż Art Programs, Health Care, Hospital, Patients, Visual Art.