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Analyze of Magnetic Properties and Structure in Nickel Gas Turbine Blade After Operation at Forced Regime

The structure of turbine blade made from Nickel superalloy EP-800 was studied after its exploitation with increased operation temperature and rotation speed at the industrial gas turbine. The severe deformation led to structure degradation, the main factor of which is the formation of the stable defects inside particles of the strengthening intermetallic phase Ni3Al. The severe deformation also led to the appearance of a strain-induced magnetism in initially paramagnetic alloy. The strain-induced magnetism associated with formation of ferromagnetic clusters inside of the particles of intermetallic phase. The obtained magnetic effect correlated with the dynamic stress level and the number of lattice defects in various parts of the blade. Keywords´┐Ż Structure, Magnetic Properties, Deformation, Nickel-based Superalloy, Turbine Blade.