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Vietnamese Organic Rice Purchasing Decision: What are the Role of Health, Affordability, Package, and Distribution Factors?

Green consumption is always a hot topic for the contemporary marketing. Although green consumption has been well-recognized in the developed countries decades ago, this trend is still new in some developing countries. Thus, this study was designed to understand the green consumption in Vietnam, a developing country with great population. Then, main factors that affecting the consumers' purchasing decision for green product, especially the organic rice in the Vietnamese were identified. By using the factor analysis technique, the influences of health, affordability, package, and distribution factors on the consumers’ purchasing decision were analysed with 249 Vietnamese consumers. The results demonstrated that affordability concerns have the strongest impact on the decision to buy organic rice, followed by health concerns and package concerns that will gradually decrease with the magnitude of the impact. However, offline distribution does not strongly impact consumers' decision to buy organic rice in Vietnam because customers are turning to online distribution. Based on the research results, some policy implications are proposed for producers, businesses and organizations trading organic rice products in Vietnam. Keywords - Organic Rice, Purchasing Decision,Vietnam, Health, Affordability