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Legal Measures on Changing Titles After Sex Reassignment Surgery

Currently, Thailand does not have a law recognizing the rights of LGBT people to change their title after undergoing sex reassignment surgery. As a result, these transgender people have limitations in living in society and are treated unfairly. Although, in Thailand, there is a draft law recognizing rights after transgender, the Act has not yet been considered and has no law enforced at present. When studying about the Act used in Netherlands, it was found that there is a law on the recognition of rights after transsexuality which can solve the problems of people who have undergone sex reassignment surgery. Hence, Thailand should push forward the draft of the Act recognizing rights after doing transgender to be valid to ensure equality for transgender people and in line with the current situation to solve the problem and to guarantee the rights of people who have sex reassignment surgery as in the Netherlands. Keywords - Gender Diversity, Title, Transgender, Gender