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3D Cell Building Blocks in Cancer Drug Evaluation Applications

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced the latest ten leading causes of death for Chinese people. Cancer has been the top ten leading cause of death for 35 consecutive years. Cancer is not only the main cause of death in Taiwan, but also causes more than 8 million deaths worldwide every year. The complexity of cancer diseases also affects subsequent treatment plans, usually combining multiple different drug treatments to achieve better results. At present, most of the treatment of cancer is chemotherapy combined with surgery as the main treatment method, which is a major burden on the body, especially surgical resection will cause irreversible damage and harm to the tissue. Therefore, this study developed the manufacturing method of three dimensional tissue building blocks, as an evaluation of the response of clinical drugs to cancer three-dimensional tissue building blocks. Among them, a three-dimensional tissue tumor microenvironment that can be more bionic is mainly constructed by this technology, as a drug strategy that can be used to evaluate patients, and finally achieve the effect of precision medicine. Keywords - 3D Tissue Spheroid/Block, Cancer, Bio Printing