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Performance Assessment of Photo voltaic Array Reconfiguration Techniques Under Partial Shading Conditions

Partial shading conditions can negatively impact the maximum power generation capability of photovoltaic systems, causing various problems. The main objective of this study is to model and simulate the Total-Cross-Tied, SuDoKu puzzle, Magic-Square, and Odd-Even reconfiguration techniques under partial shading conditions by simulating 4x4 PV array. A detailed comparative study is done, based on performance analysis using different parameters, to choose the optimal reconfiguration technique that extracts the maximum power and mitigates the mismatching power losses under various shading scenarios. The Canadian Solar CS5A-200M PV module parameters are used in MATLAB-Simulink software to simulate photovoltaic array topologies. Keywords - Maximum Power Point, Partial Shading, Photovoltaic array configurations, Photovoltaic solar energy, Power Loss.