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The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer' Purchase Decision in Saudi Arabia

Increasing popularity of social media and ease of accessing Internet technology has significantly reshaped society over the last few decades. This increased usage is not limited to personal networking and individual interest. The current inclination to utilize social media for improving the businesses has opened the avenue for widespread research on the subject. As compared to the previous marketing strategies, Internet can become an inclusively cost efficient source of marketing the products. This mode of marketing is not only least expensive, but also has the capacity to produce largest coverage towards the customers. Based on these advantages, the modern business practices are evolving, and social media is becoming a professional part of marketing strategies. This evolution demands for conducting research and identify new possibilities to enhance business through social media channels. The current research focuses on evaluating the impact of social media marketing on the consumers and the resultant productivity in the form of increased revenue. Marketing teams in companies,including consumers,can face numerous challenges while developing their marketing strategy. In the present day, the exclusive focus of the companies remains on social media marketing, which also involves several challenges to integrate their marketing strategy well with business practices. Promoting creativity to design competitive messages for brand promotion can be a source to attract and motivate the customers while avoiding creating a monotonous impact of the brand. However there has been a significant need to evaluate the implications of social media on sales process here in Saudi Arabia in particular due to high increase of use of social media by the consumers and to investigate its diverse aspects, which should be utilized for developing the strategies for the business. This research will shed some light on the impact of social media on the purchasing power and the decision of the consumers in the city of Jeddah which is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. The study shows the result of a survey that was conducted to over 400 consumers in Saudi Arabia. It studied the implications of social media on the sales process of the business and its impact on the revenue of the business of companies. In addition, it studied which social media platforms are being used by the consumer and whether it had impact on the purchase decision of the consumer.