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Strategic Analysis as a Determinant of Management in the Conditions of Globalization - Avatar is a Modern Solution Supporting Customer Service

The changing socio-economic reality and the challenges of the 21st century resulting from the dynamic development of globalization force modern enterprises to look for new methods of competing on the market. One of the ways to determine the competitive position of an enterprise is its strategic analysis. In this approach, the article is an attempt to present the key methods and tools of strategic analysis of the company, extended by an analysis of the possibility of their use in practice. The article presents the basic issues and results of the implementation of the international Avatar project consisting in developing a method of providing public services and developing customer service standards tailored to the needs of people with special needs. The main objective of the project is to improve the functioning of local government units by developing and implementing an innovative model of support for people with special needs. Keywords - Avatar, Customer Service, Globalization, Strategy, Management