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Psychopathy and Bullying Behavior: The Moderating Role of Violent Games

Psychopathic personality trait refers to a pattern of personality characteristics associated with a lack of empathy and remorse, impulsivity, and a tendency to engage in manipulative and criminal behavior. Similarly, psychopathic personality traits have been linked to an increased likelihood of engaging in bullying behavior, particularly among young smartphone users. The aim of the current research was to analysis theeffect of violent gaming on psychopathic personality traits and bullying behavior. The data was collected from 801 young smartphone users using purposive sampling technique and 2 assessment measures i-e (i) short dark triad personality test, and (ii) forms of bullying behavior with some relevant demographics. The study found a strong correlation between psychopathic personality traits and bullying behavior among young smartphone users. Moreover, moderation analysis using Hayes PROCESS version 4.1 model 1 was conducted in whichviolent gamingwas used as a moderator. Violent gaming was found to exacerbate this relationship, as it strengthens the link between psychopathy and bullying. This highlights the need to understand the relationship of violent gaming between psychopathy and bullying in smartphone users.Additionally, the finding help psychologist to develop awareness programs for young adults to understand the hazardous effects of violent gaming on mental health. Keywords - Violent Gaming, Psychopathic Personality, Bullying Behavior, Smartphone Users.