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A Sustainable Approach for Waste Water Reuse System

Moringa is found to be a sustainable, cheap solution for coagulation in water treatment. Moringaoleifera seed can be produced locally at low cost therefore the use of Moringaoleifera seed would have several technical benefits, especially in tropical developing countries and rural communities. It will help them treat water for small scale wastewater reuse system. The possibility of using Moringaoleifera seed at individual system level is good, and provides a realistic alternative to conventional methods, presuming that an adequate amount of plantations are established. It is a method that certainly can be considered as a good, sustainable and cheap solution for wastewater treatment, if the supply of Moringaoleifera seeds can be guaranteed. The Moringaoleifera seed coagulant (MOC) show good coagulating properties, especially for treatment of very high turbidity waters. It does not affect the pH, alkalinity, TDS or conductivity of the water except phosphate and nitrogen which can also act as fertilizer when controlled during application.