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Comparison Gc-Vuv and Gc-Fidm4 For the Characterization of Petroleum Fuels

High demand in comprehensive separation technique for the analysis mixtures in hydrocarbon group using GC has been in market long time ago. GC separation using conventional have limitation in separation and detection sensitivity of hydrocarbon and Oxygenate compounds in Automotive Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel such as Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthene, Aromatic and Oxygenates. Advance technology GC-VUV in market offer fast, powerful and resolutive analysis for hydrocarbon group types and select hydrocarbon and oxygenate compound in fuels. GC-VUV provides unique spectral fingerprints and provides specific compound identification. High energy, low wavelength (125 – 240 nm) energy produces electronic transition in σ ->σ* and П -> П* chemical bonds compound identification is unambiguous and quantitation robust, even for structural isomers. High degree of data automation reduces need for analytical expertise and time per analyst. Intuitive analysis simplifies data processing through software matching of analyte spectra against library compounds, properties algorithm used to automate compound class characterization and 1st principles quantitation by Beer’s Law. Higher sample throughput software deconvolution of co-elution reduces chromatographic separation burden, Chromatography runs can be deliberately shortened, and deconvolution handled in post-processing and less analysis time per sample due to automated software fitting and quantitation algorithms. This article provide an insight comparison data that has been conducted using GC-VUV and GC-FID M4 to study different classes of compound of Total Paraffins, Total Olefins, Total Naphthene, Total Aromatic and Total Oxygenates. Test samples used in this comparison study are from various resources of PETRONAS Refineries to identify the potential usage of GC VuV as new technology innovation for Refinery product. Keywords - GC-VUV, GC-FID M4, Fuel, Paraffin, Olefins, Naphthene, Aromatics, Oxygenate.