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Mobile Technology in Africa THE Emergence and Indispensability of Mobile Phones

One of the numerous innovations that has made tremendous impact on the global society today is the availability of mobile phones. Mobile phones have become 'must have' devices owing to their role in communication. The purpose of this thesis is to highlight the importance and impact mobile technology has had over the years in Africa. In the early 80s, Africa was seen and regarded as a continent blessed with diverse resources, people, tribes and more but needed something different to keep her in touch with the rest of the world in terms of technology. This thesis will focus on mobile telephony use, the economic and social impact in Africa and some of the opportunities and challenges of this technology. In this research work, further discussions will be made in detail including the routes which led to the proliferation of mobile devices, level of growth over the years, how African people have embraced this great technological innovation and conclusively, ways by which we can further improve on them to better the lives of all. The singular reason special interest was taken in this area of research was to fully comprehend how African people have fared since the invention of mobile phones and to an extent, and the Internet which provides a platform upon which these devices are used. Furthermore, this thesis also ascertains the trends regarding the ways these devices are used by different African countries and provides a wider knowledge of how the various telecommunication companies have helped in making their use a worthwhile experience. Keywords - Africa, Mobile Technology, Mobile Phones, Telecom Companies.