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The Effect of Product Quality on Brand Loyalty (A Study of MTN)

The purpose of this analysis was to analyze the degree of impact product quality has on complete loyalty and to see alternative factors that square measure to blame for complete loyalty particularly within the Cameroon telecommunications business. Previous analysis had shown that product quality has a bearing on complete loyalty however there's still very little or no literature discussing the extent to that product quality influences complete loyalty and none of the merchandise quality models adopted for the Cameroon market. The qualitative and quantitative analysis ways were used; interviews were conducted on 5 MTN personnel and form was distributed to a hundred and fifty respondents UN agency use MTN in metropolis. The analysis results showed that product quality wasn't the strongest issue that crystal rectifier to complete loyalty however market inertia which product quality was a lot of doubtless to steer to complete loyalty once customers judged the merchandise as having terribly high or prime quality within the Cameroon telecommunications setting. A crucial study of market inertia as an element that ends up in complete loyalty is usually recommended. Keywords - Impact, Loyalty, Telecommunication, Business, Quality, Merchandise, Models, Quantitive, Market , Inertia Etc.