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The Relationship Between High School Teachers� Organizational Justice Perceptions, Organizational Cynicism And Organizational Commitment

The purpose of this study is to explain the impact of organizational commitment on high school teachers� perception of organizational cynicism and organizational justice. With the assumption that there is a cause-effect relationship between three main variables, the study was constructed with a causal research design. The population of the study comprised 1122 high school teachers working at 27 high schools within the boundaries of the Afyon province in the 2014- 15 academic year. The sample of the study was identified through the simple random sampling method and the data were collected from 175 high school teachers. The data for the study was gathered through the �Organizational Justice Scale� developed by Niehoff and Moorman (1993), the �Organizational Cynicism Scale� developed by Brandes, Dhartwadkar, and Dean (1999) and the �Organizational Commitment Scale� developed by Allen and Meyer (1990). The Organizational Justice Scale includes (i) distributive justice, and (ii) interactional justice dimensions; The Organizational Cynicism Scale consists of (i) emotional, (ii) cognitive, and (iii) behavioral dimensions; the Organizational Commitment Survey includes (i) affective commitment, (ii) normative commitment, (iii) continuance commitment dimensions. SPSS 13.00 and Lisrel 8.80 software were used to analyze the collected data. Pearson Moments Product Correlation Coefficient and hierarchical regression analysis were applied. The study results indicated that organizational cynicism and organizational justice affects organizational commitment negatively. Key words- Organizational Justice, Organizational Cynicism, Organizational Commitment, High School Teachers