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An Apply Paradigm in it of Transportation Measurement Model by the COBIT2019 and SCOR DS Framework

The study is about the problems and development approaches in Digital Transformation. When the logistics and supply chain industry is in a disruptive era, many entrepreneurs have to get immunization to be insistent and survive. The researcher studied the problems with the research methodologies by researching both primary and secondary methods to develop the applied IT Model. The study resources included research on the guidance of supervision on Good Governance and the arrangement of an internal monitoring system for control and analysis processes for IT of Transportation. The researcher primarily researched the preliminary IT for transport organizations and decided to study qualitative and quantitative research methods. The data collected became the interview form used to interview the managers and personnel of the corporates. The information received is for comparing and concluding to seek guidance for doing the standardized new model from the COBIT2019 and SCOR DS framework for understanding and interpretation, including the digital indicator that would help measure the effectiveness of the performance process on all CMMI at the efficient model level, beneficial for the Digital Transformation development to apply in the strategic plan, together with the indicator used to evaluate the situation to build the stability for the organizational improvement. Keywords - Digital Transformation, IT Governance, COBIT 2019, SCOR digital standard (DS).